Why Are My Brakes Making a Grinding Noise?

June 19th, 2018 by

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If you’ve asked yourself, “Why are my brakes making a grinding sound?”, something is likely wrong with your brakes or rotor. Whether you drive a Toyota Tacoma or Corolla, the service experts at Mossy Toyota near La Jolla can identify the reasons behind the break noises to ensure that your drive down I-5 is easy and enjoyable.

3 Reasons For Your Vehicle’s Brake Noise and Grinding Sound

  1. Objects in between Rotor and Caliper: If you hear strange noises coming from your car’s brakes, there may be a small object, such as a rock, stuck between the rotor and caliper. The vehicle’s parts can be damaged due to the friction the object causes.
  2. Low Quality Brake-Pads: When it comes to brake-pads, the smart, safe option is to buy them from a well-known, distinguished brand – even if that means spending a little more money up front. Low quality brake-pads are usually made out of materials like metal that will eventually damage the rotor.
  3. Damaged Friction Pads: Friction pads with wear and tear can damage your breaks because of metal surfaces eventually rubbing together. To prevent this wear and tear, it is always best to get your brakes checked from trustworthy experts.

How Much Does a Brake Repair Cost?

Brake repairs can cost anywhere from $150 to $650 per axle. This cost depends on what is wrong and what parts need replacing. The brake repair becomes more expensive when the rotor and pads need to be replaced. However, if the rotors need to be replaced, you can ask if one of our technicians can resurface them instead of replacing. If this is possible, you can save about $100 on the repair.

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