How to Reset Toyota Maintenance Light

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If the Toyota maintenance light is flashing on your dashboard, there’s no need to panic. Your Toyota maintenance required light is simply letting you know that you should schedule service at Mossy Toyota soon. This light usually begins flashing 5,000 miles after your last oil change appointment. Learn how to reset Toyota maintenance lights with the experts below! Then, visit our San Diego Auto Center, conveniently located near Chula Vista to get the repairs you need today!



How to Reset Your Toyota Maintenance-Required Light in 5 Simple Steps

So, what causes your Toyota maintenance light to activate in the first place? There are a variety of potential reasons. Your new or pre-owned Toyota car, truck, or SUV could be due for an oil change, tire rotation, or some other essential service. Once you’ve figured out why your Toyota maintenance required light is turning on, you have two options:

  • You can reset your light before stopping by our Mossy Toyota Service Center.
  • Keep your Toyota maintenance light activated until your next visit to Mossy Toyota.

Keep in mind that if you choose to reset your Toyota maintenance light, you’ll want to follow the instructions listed below:

  • Turn On Your Car, But Don’t Start the Engine: Insert your car key into the ignition, and turn it to “On” but don’t start the car.
  • Find Trip Reset Button: Click and hold the trip reset button located near the odometer until you see “Trip A” appear on the center screen.
  • Turn Off Your Car: Continue to hold the trip reset button and turn the key back to the “Off” position.
  • Turn Car On Again: Turn the key to “On”.
  • Reset Your Odometer: Keep holding the trip reset button until the number on the odometer reaches 0. You’ve successfully reset the Toyota maintenance light.

Get Exemplary Service at Mossy Toyota Near Carlsbad

Are you due for a battery replacement, brake inspection, or any other type of routine service? Then we encourage you to get in touch with us at Mossy Toyota today! Our certified technicians are more than happy to perform a multipoint inspection on your car, truck, or SUV, as well as reset Toyota maintenance lights if necessary!

Toyota Corolla vehicles are equipped with a standard Maintenance Required light for Toyota service reminders, to help you keep your vehicle in better condition around La Jolla. Learn how to reset your Toyota maintenance light here at Mossy Toyota in San Diego, CA.

How Do I Reset the Toyota Maintenance Light on My Corolla?

Usually, the technicians who work on your vehicle will reset the Toyota Maintenance Required light after every service. If they forgot to do so, it’s a pretty easy thing for you to take care of on your own. Follow these steps:

  1. Turn On Car: Turn the key, so the car is on.
  2. Check for Odometer Visibility: Make sure the odometer is displayed.
  3. Turn Off Car: Turn the key, so the car is off.
  4. Reset Trip Meter: Push and hold the reset button on the trip meter.
  5. Turn Key Back On: Turn the key back on again, but not to the start position.
  6. Wait: The odometer will display dashes that disappear one at a time, and then a set of zeros will appear.
  7. Hold Down Button: Keep holding the reset button down until the zeros go away, and the odometer reading comes back.

Why Did My Toyota Maintenance Required Light Come on?

Before you decide to reset the Maintenance Required light in your Toyota Corolla, it’s important to understand why it came on. Unlike the “check engine” light, the Toyota Maintenance Required light in the gauge cluster—which reads “MAINT REQD”—means that it has been 5,000 miles since the last reset. This indicates that your Toyota is due for scheduled maintenance, such as an oil change.

Why Get Your Toyota Corolla Maintenance Required Light Fixed at Mossy Toyota?

As you can see, learning how to reset the maintenance light on your Toyota Corolla is a relatively simple process. However, there’s no shame in needing a little extra help if you’re still running into trouble. There are a wide variety of reliable auto repair shops in the La Jolla and Chula Vista area. So, why shop at Mossy Toyota?

At our San Diego dealership, our certified technicians are dedicated to keeping you on track with your Toyota Corolla maintenance schedule. That means you can always depend on competitive prices, streamlined service, and accurate quotes. If you’re struggling with how to reset maintenance lights on your Toyota Corolla, we encourage you to visit our Toyota Auto Center, conveniently located near Carlsbad. We provide all our customers with speedy Wi-Fi, fresh hot coffee, and the following dealership-exclusive services such as:

  • Car Battery Replacement: Car batteries are important because they are what provide the initial kick of energy needed to start your vehicle. They tend to run out of juice after several years of use, so get your checked with us when your vehicle begins to start slower than normal.
  • Oil Change Service: Your engine has hundreds of rapidly moving metal parts inside it, and these parts require oil to move smoothly and not cause immediate problems. Keeping the oil fresh by changing it once or twice a year is essential to keeping your engine going for many years to come.
  • Brake Inspections: Your brakes are important, for obvious reasons, but they are also relatively inexpensive to service. If you hear any noises while braking, bring your vehicle by Mossy Toyota, so we can make sure it’s in good condition.
  • Tire Replacements: As the only part of your vehicle to transfer the efforts of the engine and brakes to the road, your tires are in some ways the most important part of your vehicle. We can make sure they last as long as they should and then replace them if or when they eventually wear out.

Rely on Mossy Toyota for Toyota Corolla Maintenance and Service!

If you’ve noticed that the Maintenance Required light on your Toyota is on, feel free to reach out to Mossy Toyota for help. We have a full staff of factory-trained and certified Toyota technicians on hand, and we also have a number of service specials and Toyota parts specials going on at all times. Take the drive from the Carlsbad area to our dealership in San Diego, or contact us with any questions you may have about the Maintenance Required light in your Toyota Corolla.


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